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One Great George Street offers a range of lighting packages which include LED up-lights. They are more efficient and can change colour at any time. Battery powered up-lighting is also available, offering the flexibility to be placed in areas of the building where conventional lighting effects cannot be installed. They can be moved quickly and easily from one place to another and the colour effects changed at the flick of a switch. This equipment is safer as it removes the need for floor wiring and there is no danger from heat from older style up-lights.

We can light the front of One Great George Street in the colour of your choice with exterior flood lighting. Other special lighting effects are available for features such as:

  • Moving lights
  • Gobos and
  • Bespoke lighting design

Price List

Item Cost
Up-lighting the exterior of the building – includes colour gels (6 hours) £100
Gobo Production (company logos) POA
LED large up-lighting kit (6 lanterns) and lighting desk suitable for up-lighting internal pillars/architectural features and smaller rooms  £320
LED large up-lighting kit for the Great Hall (12 lanterns, 1/2 the pillars)and a lighting desk £570
LED large up-lighting kit for the Great Hall (24 Lanterns) and lighting desk £1,140
LED moving lamps and pearl lighting desk and operator suitable for Awards Ceremonies, Promotions etc POA
Customised Lighting Designs or additions to above packages POA
Wireless LED Uplighters (6 lanterns) £375
All LED lights can be set to a colour of your choice. LED lights can be programmed to colour change in sequence with the addition of a lighting desk. Additional cost applies of £160 including 1 hour programming time