How live streaming can benefit your event

Live Streaming - One Great George Street blog post

Full confession, I’m a little bit of a social media butterfly. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp (particularly Insta), I’m all over it. If I’m not taking what I consider to be tastefully shot images of my brunch, then I’m probably trying to keep up with the latest transfer news via Twitter.

The importance of having a profile on various platforms can’t be underestimated in the technology savvy and instant gratification world we’re living in. Everyone is constantly on the move, but think about how often you see people on the tube, bus or train with their heads in their phones staring at their screens? That could be your content that they’re looking at instead of another, albeit funny, cat or dog video.

This leads me on to live streaming and the benefits that this can provide for your event. Rather than seeing this as an unnecessary expense, I think it’s better to imagine the enhanced exposure that you can get by reaching out, globally, to delegates/clients that have been able to attend your event in person, but can jump into the key parts that they want to see.

At One Great George Street, we can easily assist you with this, as we’re fortunate enough to have a brilliant on-site Audio Visual team that can work with your to create the perfect solution for your event. Using a dedicated wi-fi network (which you can also personalise) we can ensure that the stream is seamless and goes without a hitch.

If you’re completely new to this, then why not stream just a key note speech rather than the whole day? Adding a fun, catchy hashtag will enable you to see how many hits you get and you can build from there.

Right, I’m off to Instagram and Facebook Live my cocktail hour. See you online! #folalovesfood