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One Great George Street is a Silver Green Tourism Accredited venue


One Great George Street received a Silver Green Tourism Award by the Green Tourism Business Scheme-a national sustainable tourism certification scheme for the UK.

The Westminster venue received an impressive score of 76% for its innovative and productive practices to conserve and protect the environment.

The award-winning Westminster Venue successfully implemented a plethora of proactive measures to help sustain the global environment. These actions include: the installation of water saving devices in all toilets and the fitting of a PIR (passive infra red) system to urinals which has saved up to 25% of water use. Utilities are monitored and the dedicated “Green Team” at One Great George Street continuously promotes the importance of sustainability to all staff via the intranet and other internal communication channels. A Green Meetings Package is also available, giving clients the option of hosting a meeting in a room with natural daylight or lit by energy saving bulbs, the serving of fair trade tea and coffee as well as menus comprised of raw ingredients that have travelled the lowest delivery distance practical. One Great George Street also offers the option of client’s waste materials sorted and recycled.

“The venue is conscious that vital steps need to be undertaken to conserve and preserve the environment. By making knowledgeable, committed key changes in our working practice to reduce waste, energy and resources One Great George Street is delighted to be presented with the Silver Green Tourism Award by the Green Tourism Business Scheme.” commented Lisa Fisher, Sales & Marketing Manager for the award-winning Westminster venue.

One Great George Street received the esteemed award in recognition of making its operations more sustainable whilst maintaining a high level of service to all its clients. The venue is now observing ways in which its methods and practices can be further improved in order to achieve a gold award.